Filipino Wedding Customs

Filipino wedding party traditions involve candle lighting, coin blessings, and braiding of nuptial cords. It also involves throwing of rice grains. The ceremony starts with candlestick lighting, where the ninong and ninang light each other’s wax lights, symbolizing the sunshine of the World. The couple could light 3 candles. The 3 candles symbolize their dedication to each other.

The feast day also requires a hen-night, or a pre-wedding party, where bride’s friends and relations gather to wish the bride and groom a happy married life. A regular Filipino wedding party is forwent by a day-long preparation, or “pamanhikan. ” The day-before-the-wedding festivities usually require the bride’s family and friends cooking traditional Philippine foods and clearing a method for the marriage retinue. Depending relating to the region, cultural group, and religion, Filipino weddings might include a wedding rehearsal dinner or perhaps a regular religious ceremony.

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Some other traditional Filipino wedding ritual may be the giving of 13 coins towards the bride and groom. In the country, this kind of gift represents abundance, or perhaps “pajama. inch In the Korea, the bride and groom also share precisely the same oath to supply for each additional. These 13 coins will be known as “Arras” and therefore are traditionally flushed from bridegroom to new bride.

The ceremony generally lasts sexy philipino women five several hours, with a good amount of dancing and program pieces. Inside the Philippines, the newlyweds will operate traditional dances for their guests. The traditional dances include the Pangalay, a colorful and elaborate dance. A Kalinga boogie called Salidsid is also performed.

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